Aarti Verma – the Painter of Emotions

Aarti Verma – the Painter of Emotions

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Aarti Verma is an Artist, illustrator, designer, and entrepreneur. She has a unique style, simple yet thought provoking. Her style portrays so many paradoxes, complex emotions in a simple innocence all in one artwork. 
Presently based out of Delhi, India. A classic solopreneur working for over a decade now with her two ventures.
  • ART MEETS FASHION (estd. 2010 ) where she creates hand-painted fashion and home decor accessories ( https://www.instagram.com/bagsbyartmeetsfashion/ )
  • TITLI – Her second venture  “Titli” where she  collaborates with folk artisans to bring their art and craft to a larger audience, she designs Fashion accessories which are hand painted by folk artisans across different states in India. It is an endeavor to support artists and artisans in remote areas of India. ( https://www.instagram.com/contacttitli/ )
Apart from her entrepreneurial ventures she makes beautiful illustrations 

It is just 3 years ago I explored my love for illustrations and I have been illustrating ever since that day.
Art makes my soul happy, I feel alive when I create art, when I think of an idea and when I put all my energy to bring that idea to life, it sorts of gives me a feeling of joy. I love working in different mediums, lately I have started experimenting with gouache and I am enjoying every bit of it.

I personally love the way Aarti’s art, invokes such complex emotions in one sketch. There is a lot of soul and solace in the art she makes. Hence she is our #featuredartist of the month! Do check her work it is just mesmerizing and you can spend hours and hours staring at her gallery. 


Art meets Fashion is a brand that celebrates Art and Fashion through its richly crafted products, having an aesthetic and functional appeal. Every product is a unique piece of art, handcrafted with love.


Titli by Aarti Verma, is all about celebrating women. This brand caters to the bubbly butterfly souls, with hand-painted and hand-crafted accessories by local artisans.


My artwork process mostly involves a spontaneous approach. Instead of starting with rough sketches and too much brainstorming at the beginning, I prefer to take all the liberty as an artist and directly work on my main canvas to produce my final artwork. 

It is more about visualizing the images in my head using all the inspirations I draw from my surroundings and being ready with my art supplies and tools, and then simply translating it into my final piece of art by being in the moment. In an event I mess up my painting [happens on rare occasions], I try to give it a twist keeping my style alive. Of course, it took me a lot of practice to reach at this stage where I am confident and comfortable in my style to do so. However, working on client projects is a different ball game. It involves working on a few drafts for the project concept and moving ahead with painting only once the client approves the content, composition, and colors/color theme. For instance, while working on the floral mural for a client, the process involved creating the sketch and discussing the color palette with the client before drawing on the wall. Sometimes the client is extremely specific with the colors they want and on other instances I get all the freedom to use colors I think would suit the project. Irrespective, the process involves discussing the color theme or sometimes colors specifically with the client.

Aarti’s work emotes in its own way!

Check out her Wall Murals, her illustrations for books , and much more.


Check Out some Process Videos by Aarti Verma - Illustrator

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