ASSIGNMENT 1 – Sangeet Sang Riyaaz

ASSIGNMENT 1 – Sangeet Sang Riyaaz

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For Technique Artists ( Calligraphers / Painters / Sculptors etc... )


What are we trying to establish – hypothesis?

– Does music increase your efficiency and precision. 


  1. Download the 2 music compositions designed by Upamanyu Bhanot from the link below
  2. Also download 1 worksheet  and printout the same.

You have to complete 1 sheet each with music 1.0  / 1.1 and No Music



TOTAL TIME – take it easy we are not in a rush, complete it as patiently as possible, take breaks if required, but hey try to complete them.

– Start your worksheet and keep filling all the markings in the worksheet. 

– Incase you are taking a break in the middle of the assignment – Mark the sheet with a BREAK and Note the time on the sheet itself.

For any further information or doubts get in touch with us on Insta @sayheytoart

Credits :

SONALI MEHTA – calligraphy – sangeet sang riyaaz ( cover art )

TANVI SARAIYA – assignment

RAGHUNITA – calligraphy community management

UPMANYU BHANOT – Music curation and compositions

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